Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fox's O.C. Introduces Mobile Game

From Inside Brand Entertainment Publisher says welcome to the O.C game

I admit I watch the show.

Fox TV's "The O.C." didn't only return for its third season, but it also is making its debut as a mobile video game following a deal with Gameloft. The publisher is set to announce its multiyear license today, with the first game scheduled to launch next year.

Gameloft president Michel Guillemot said the property will allow players to assume the role of one of the four main characters from the show or to create their own original character.

The style of play is similar to reality-simulation titles like "The Sims," allowing fans of the show to explore the "O.C." universe by dressing to impress, joining the right cliques, dating the right people and striving to fit into the ultra-trendy community, Guillemot said

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Anonymous said...

i am over obsessed with the O.C. and i cnt wait to see an actual game of my obsession! how awesome does it sound you guys!!!!