Wednesday, September 14, 2005

AOL And Virgin Mobile Team Up For Instant Messaging

From Yahoo News AOL and Virgin Mobile offer mobile instant messaging

Here's my thinking. Virgin Mobile increases their subscription base with AOL members and they also get a way to provide mobile search with GPS ability.

Do you see how?

I gave a summary of how AOL could turn their IM into a mobile content and mobile search application device with this story called AOL...DOA or AOK?

Virgin Mobile USA and America Online, Inc. have teamed up to bring the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service to the device young people love the most -- their mobile phone.

Starting this month, Virgin Mobile users can chat with their buddies wherever they go, sending and receiving IMs right from their phones. Virgin Mobile users can IM their buddies whether those friends are logged in on a PC, or on any AIM-enabled mobile phone.

Once the mobile AIM service is downloaded, users pay just $3.99 per month for their first 150 messages. If a customer uses up all of his/her messages before the end of the month, they will automatically receive another 50 messages for just $0.99 more

The new Snapper phone by UTStarcom (formerly Audiovox) will be Virgin Mobile's first handset that is enabled for the AIM service. This snappy little clamshell beauty hits shelves this week. The mobile AIM service will also roll out on other new Virgin Mobile handsets poised for launch later this year.

I see great local searches that use GPS, buddy locator services, and eventually tapping into Virgin's music inventory with a music download capability.

Instead of having a search window on your mobile, you could use your AOL buddy list (AOLYELLOWPAGES) to provide searches. There are lots of mobile marketing possibilities heres.

To power the AIM service on Virgin Mobile phones, Virgin Mobile and AOL worked with technology provider OZ

AOL with their mobile IM, and their “Find Me” application, has created a mobile search platform. They combine location based services (LBS/GPS) with a quicker way of mobile internet surfing (SMS/IM)

Download the service at

What services do you see with this?

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