Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mystique Magazine Goes Mobile

I guess when it rains, it pours. Today seems to be the day for sexy mobile marketing campaigns. But it must be reported :)

From bbwExchange Mystique Magazine unveils wireless plans with Brickhouse Mobile

Brickhouse Mobile announced a worldwide mobile entertainment distribution pact with Mystique Magazine, the company known for top tier programming and premium publications that specialize in entertainment for people who love beautiful women.

Mystique mobile content will launch in the U.S. and abroad this October, with products including exclusive video clips from Mystique Magazine’s popular television programming and DVD series, as well as mobile wallpapers from its’ exotic international photo shoots


Anonymous said...

Intriguing irony on your pages here.

1) I see your earlier post re "Amber Alerts". Too many children (mostly little girls) go missing...or worse... as a result of the sick behaviour of sexual predators.

Then I read:
2) All your positive posts re explicit sexual content on mobiles. (Such content again usually exploits women, and treats them as sex objects.)

Seeing that technologies such as Neom's Paperclick will REALLY bring the Internet out of the home and onto the street, I suggest that we should all think very carefully before promoting mobile porn.

There are indeed so many positives to physical world hyperlinks - but there are sadly a number of very frightening potential negatives too.

Scott Shaffer said...

I wouldn't call it irony. Public services and mobile content are two different ideas.

Camera phones will act as a "big brother" of sorts to alert authorities of wrongdoing and wrongdoers.

I see that as a good thing. It will force people to clean up their act, at least in public.

If you think Pam Anderson is being exploited, I suggest you Google her and find out what her networth is.

In my opinion, she is one of the sexiest and smartest women out there.

She found a niche and built a coporation around it.

I think you're missing the key point to these latest stories and I have discussed before.

The pornography industry is usually THE FIRST industry to adopt a new medium. When it starts providing content and services, that is when the industry takes off.

Pornography also demonstarted that pop-up advertising on the Internet wasn't going to work.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but porn has been the pioneer in many ways. If porn is getting into mobile content, then the industry being recognized.

That's my point.

db said...

Good rebut....and well made point...more importantly...I will become a subscriber to Mystique Magazine ASAP.

Anonymous said...

"More importantly"??

Ah there we have it...Thus the mighty dollar rules and justifies many a conscience.

Check this post again in about 5 years time and see if I'm right. (Hope I'm not.)

My point is; it is incumbent upon those of us who have "visionary" insight to be aware of the wider ramifications of this new advertising world we are proposing.

And as is obvious from this site, the PP does indeed have this visionary capability, so I'm calling for him to use it in this regard. I'm sure in the years to come if he does he will be lauded for it as a TRUE visionary.

Hence a little bit of scenario planning re the "dark side" might be appropriate - before the porn industry flaunts every "standard" there is...and starts saying "oh we just can't police this sort of thing...It is up to individuals to ensure if they don't want to see it, they don't access it".

(...Mobile phishing anyone??)

And then b4 you know it, we will have what can only be called evil websites - such as violent porn (and I won't mention any to give them press) - accesible in an instant, by anyone on the move.

Scott Shaffer said...

Wow, I guess I hit a nerve. I think you give me way too much credit too.

I try to take emerging technologies, trends and ponder what companies/business ideas will be generated from them.

A visionary is someone that can see what the future holds, but in order to do so, you have to know how to interpret the past.

There is a term known as "early adopters". These people/industries are ones to watch. They set trends.

What industry was the FIRST to generate advertising revenues AND content revenues from the Internet?

Yes...big bad porn. Porn is very much like rock-n-roll as an early adopter. You may not like it, but you must respect the influence it has.

Follow what and how they approach mobile marketing. Other industries will learn from their mistakes.

Now can we get back to seeing more pictures of beautiful women?

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Scott. I work in the ICT industry and have actually been slogging towards this vision for almost 10 years now. I just think it will be immensely sad when we see women bearing the brunt of the mistakes of porn peddlers.

BTW: As to Pam Anderson not being exploited - she is actually. As Ayn Rand wrote in her best-selling philosophical novel, Atlas Shrugged: the "sanction of the victim" is the most powerful weapon that an oppresser has against their victim. You see this "sanction" in play where young, impressionable Islamic women fight to the right to wear their veil; you see it again with fundamentalist Catholic women who lobby against any form of contraception (and meanwhile are tied to interminable rounds of pregnancies); and you see it again with women as the victims of pornography.

This powerful argument of the "sanction of the victim" was also brought home to me some years ago...
I remember well the bragging comment from an advertising lecturer of mine when he crowed, regarding an ad campaign that was very denigrating to women,: "We only got away with it because we promoted a woman to the role of marketing manager and put her in charge of it!".

(Poor girl, she thought she was pulling the strings because they "promoted" her!)

We will no doubt witness the societal repercussions on women of the mobile internet as it evolves to a commercial reality. And someone else will also, no doubt, continue this important discussion another time.

Meanwhile bring on the "beautiful women" by all means. Let's just remember they can look - and intrinsically BE - very "beautiful" with their clothes on.