Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mobile Phone Coupons

Barcodes coming to life.

The UK supermarket group Sainsbury's, through its 'Jacksons' store brand, is running a couponing system with a difference: the coupons are transmitted to the customer's mobile phone, which is then presented and scanned at the check-out

Mobile marketing and physical world identifers merge. Yesterday it was The Times, today a major retailer.

The mobile couponing programme is called 'Shop, Scan, Save', and is operated by London-based marketing agency The Light Agency Limited under the name 'M-Bar-Go', and is currently available at a number of locations in Hull

M-BAR-GO club members sign up for the scheme by sending a 'JOIN' message by SMS to a registration service number, and are then sent back a graphical message containing a bar code which can be scanned at the check-out, directly from the mobile phone screen

After registration, members then receive weekly offers from brand owners such as Unilever, Masterfoods, P&G and News Group International.

It's nice to see major brands turn barcodes into physical world identifiers.

The Wise Marketer notes that this application of mobile bar-coding technology could well mark the beginning of the long-term 'mobile phones for loyalty' trend foreseen by Impaq Group's

The Full Story I posted most of the pertinent items because registering for this site was pain. For a marketing company they sure don't know how to make it easy to get their story out.


Anonymous said...

Looks like we are rapidly approaching that "Permission
Granted" application to the "cell".
One can "opt" in, but is there a provision to "opt" out. I can see an abundance of interest,that could
possible lead to cell phone over- load. It would not take long for me to say---Enough Already!---
unless I have a deep interest.

Scott Shaffer said...

In order to give the advertiser permission YOU have to initiate interest. YOU have to opt-in before any interaction begins.

The key will be combining creative advertising with some service/info in return. Many are failing to see that important association.

I dont want to see People magazines logo on my cell, but I will allow it when they send me a celebrity alert.

Mobile marketing WONT be spam.