Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Surf The Physical World

This is direct connect mobile marketing.

NeoMedia launches "keyword registry"
Mobile Keywords, such as brand names and slogans, can be registered and licensed via the PaperClick Keyword Registry(TM) for entry in a PaperClick Mobile Go-Window, a Google®-like text window on cell phones or PDA's, to create a one-click connection to a Web page (URL). Words, phrases and brand names already trademarked can be registered only by their owners, with other words and phrases available from NeoMedia.

"Brand managers are learning that SMS travels through several nodes before reaching its audiences - like a slow train making all the stops along the way. PaperClick, via Keywords entered in the Go-Window, delivers consumers straight to a specific, interactive Web page directly relevant to its target audience, and with color, sound, pictures, movement, not just plain old text."

Yes it looks much faster than SMS but I have a few questions I couldn't find answers to.

How much does a "keyword" cost? If I'm a brand manager that's probably my first concern in starting a campaign.

How many users have the GoWindow installed on their mobile?

Is there a service provider that plans on introducing this? Every phone can SMS today, how many consumers could respond to a mobile campaign if I used my "keyword" today? Is there an option to SMS for people that don't have the GoWindow?

I like the idea of direct connect using a keyword, will this be a WAP browser?

Instead of typing in lengthy websites on my mobile, would i Just type in GOOG to get the WAP(mobile) version of Google's site?

Will keywords direct me to only WAP versions of sites for my mobile?

If Coke did a campaign today and said type "Coke" in your GoWindow, how many people could do that? Will Coke offer the ability to SMS them to download the GoWindow to the phone?

How much does the GoWindow cost?

I would team up with a service provider and share in the revenues from keywords sold. The service provider could help launch the GoWindow and provide more leverage to sell words to corporations AND consumers.

There are some great applications

This is a great idea, but it needs universal adoption so the keywords have leverage.

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