Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sports Illustrated Offers Swimsuits For Mobile

From TMC Net SI mobile scores triple play

anna kournikova
AG Interactive, the new media subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation , and SI Mobile, Sports Illustrated's wireless media group, today announced a multi-year, exclusive partnership to develop and distribute premium content from the magazine's famed Swimsuit Issue through AG Interactive and SI-branded mobile, Instant Messaging and online channels.

Here's what comes next. Click on a logo in SI to get last night's homerun or highlights. Click on a picture of Anna and be directed to her daily blog.

Images are opening up lots of mobile marketing opportunities


Anonymous said...


First of all, nice picture. The swimsuit and the person wearing the swimsuit are stunning. Now, if I were a woman and had the body to wear that swimsuit, were would I look to buy it after seeing it in the magazine? Why wouldn't the designer of the swimsuit want to direct every woman with the goods to wear that swimsuit to it's website?

All a person should have to do to find out more about a product is point and click on any image and magically be directed to where they want to go. Keywords are great, but you have to spell it correctly. Any 4 year old can point and click (believe me, I speak from experience). In my opinion, the mass adoption of PWH will be driven more by pictures than by words, at least until voice and RFID comes into the picture:)


Scott Shaffer said...

I thought the Anna pic would get a response.

Agree. Unless you can remember the shortcode of the advertiser/service, images will be much easier identifiers to interact with.

A drawback now is that not every consumer has a camera phone, so texting can adopted quicker.

It won't be long before every image in magazines will be interactive in some way.

The smart brand will try to leverage it in many ways.

With the Anna pic example, here's what could be offered.
1. get info on Anna (images,)
2. info on the suit (retailers)
3. purchase the picture (photographer)
4.get a free SI Swimsuit print edition
5. SI Swimsuit calendar
6. travel package to the site

There are endless ideas that brand managers can create just by "turning on" their print ads.