Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ZigBee For Mobile Commerce

ZigBee technology offers alternative for wireless commerce.

From Mobile Mag ZigBee WiFi payment machine

Nuritelecom has broken into the wireless market with their ‘ZigBee’ wireless credit card machine, it features embedded electronic signature function to ensure secure payments.

This ‘ZigBee’ wireless credit card inquiry machine offers inquiry/payment/print functions for credit cards, interact and cash receipts. This machine is very useful for business like gas stations, shopping centers, restaurants or even legitimately selling stuff out the back for your truck.

The great part of the product is that the customer can watch the process of their payment at the same time. Also the machine reduces bills to only one because of the electronic signature function.

ZigBee functions on mesh networks, with the ability of self-connecting and self –recovery at the time of a sale. It contributes to reduce communication expenses and compensates the limitation of cable credit card machines by functioning over CDMA or wireless LAN.

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