Friday, September 16, 2005

I-Movo Offers Mobile Vouchers Via SMS

From Net Imperative High street stores start accepting mobile vouchers

Mobile marketing company I-movo has developed a new mobile commerce system that allows vouchers sent to consumers by SMS to be redeemed at retail outlets over the payment counter.

I-movo’s platform issues a mobile ‘voucher’, containing an individual identification number, which is delivered to a consumer’s mobile phone using SMS. Each number is checked at point-of-sale using the retailers’ existing EPOS or payment terminal devices.

What if you sent a coupon via SMS? Wouldn't that be easier for the retailer? Can it be done?

The system also offers marketeers with reports and analysis in real-time, so campaign managers can keep track of results.

There's so much more you can do with barcodes and coupons. Mobile marketing can come to life when coupons get on the phone.

Here's how .

Doesn't this make more sense?


Anonymous said...


Mobile marketing will take off, as you point out, when all a person has to do is point their cell phone at a machine to be scanned. I doubt that any person that shops wouldn't want to get coupons for products that they already use. What brand wouldn't want to cultivate a deeper, richer experience for the people that use their products. It would keep people using their products and, more importantly, have an audience for any new products they introduce.

Instead of getting junk coupons sent to my cell, I want to have coupons for only the products and services that I use. Above all else, redeeming the coupon must be easy and fast. My wife, and all other mothers, must be able to juggle the kids and phone without too much trouble.

When you start that service, I'll be your first customer :)


Scott Shaffer said...

I'm working on lots of mobile marketing ideas.

I spent a few months asking people on the street various questions pertaining to the mobile.

I got so many "what I would really like is..." I responded with "would you use or like ...?"

With that I put together a book of mobile marketing ideas for industries,brands and services.

I don't know whether to sell the book or sell specific ideas.

What I would like, is to be a part of a creative, energetic mobile marketing team. A company that can think outside the box.