Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mobot Makes Magazines Mobile Marketable

Mobot and Elle Girl magazine have created a daily mobile marketing campaign for their September issue. A truly creative idea. A good portion of the magazine's ads are mobile marketing campaigns.

The physical world is starting to be connected.

As shown with this calendar, each day represents a different brand and a different campaign. They got 30 brands involved in a mobile marketing campaign. While most are trying to land one brand to launch a single campaign, they landed 30.

Will all magazines start to offer this? They should. What brand WOULDN'T want to make their ad interactive and kick-start their mobile marketing this way?

Click on the calendar to see what campaign is being offered today.

Will this force people to keep their Elle Girl magazine around longer? It will certainly get people to respond to ads they find of interest.

Imagine if Mobot could get these brands to put these campaigns in ALL of the magazines they advertised in.

Mobot's technology allows an image to be recognized when sent thru the Internet. The next stpe is to click on a picture (ad, logo, barcode) and be directed to a specific site.

Take a picture with your camera phone and send to or send a text to 66268 (MOBOT)
to enter the contest. (You must register at Elle Girl registration)

I envisioned The First Interactive Magazine and it's coming true.

Mobot is a company to watch for creativity when it comes to mobile marketing. They are proving to be a leader.


Anonymous said...

I do love it when a plan comes together. GET ER DONE

Anonymous said...

From what I can see Mobot appears to be doing it -right-correctly-the way it should be done-etc.
Encomiums to Mobot.

No Name said...

Mobot is doing it right.

Take EXISTING print media and make it interactive. They are also educating the public on how text message campaigns SHOULD work.

Text for info that you have interest in.

Optical character recognition just starting but I have some things for readers to ponder.

Stay tuned I will have a post called How Well Do You Know Your Brands?..a quiz for Pondering Primate readers.