Thursday, September 08, 2005

Who Needs Google When You Have This

From TMC Net Garmin to provide GPS applications for mobile phone users

My first thought is, what does this do to mobile search? Why do you need Google?

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. , today announced that Garmin Mobile -- a new suite of applications delivering maps, directions, and turn-by-turn navigation -- will be offered by Sprint Nextel on select handsets.

Garmin Mobile represents Garmin's first product offering that targets the emerging wireless handset applications and location-based services market.

I never thought of Garmin as being a player in mobile marketing, until now

Users can navigate to an address anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico, or search millions of points of interest (POI's) -- places like hotels, restaurants, shopping, and tourist attractions. Users can also dial the POI's phone number automatically -- for reservations, hours of operation, or other information

So will the POI's be hyperlinks on the screen? Click on the star or asterisk and be directed to their website or call the establishment?

Could Garmin incorporate a search function with this?

Maybe Garmin could place a search window on the screen. Type in italian and all the restaurants show up on your screen with a result listing along the side.

Here's another idea. What if Yellow Pages and Garmin team up? Combine location with local information and you have all you need.

Who needs Google then?

Thoughts comments?

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