Friday, September 16, 2005

Will Mobile Industry Sing The "BLUES"

From VNU Net Mobile content industry heads for chaos

Mobile operators offering premium content will lose control of their services because they are relying on clumsy manual billing systems

The problem is that operators will not be able to keep track of subscribers accessing content, warned Sam Hickman, director of corporate marketing at Qpass.

"Companies are not getting any billing information, so if a customer queries an item on the bill the operators frequently have to cave in and refund the money for fear of upsetting the customer," he explained.

Is there a way service providers can "monitor" payment activity through a platform?

Could a SP pre-install a PayPal or some other third party credit card transaction service and share the revenues. Not only will the activity (SMS or click on a code) for mobile commerce be monitored but a service could provide the billing.

There has to be a way that call traffic and transactions can be monitored by a third party platform. Is there an opportunity here?

Here's what I wonder though.
Bluetooth gets around using the network. So will bluecasting, bluespamming throw a wrench in that theory?

I know bluetooth won't offer dynamic information, but it could represent a great way to get consumers to adopt.

What say you?


Anonymous said...

Yes, that's one of the key functions of Qpass' software platform -- enabling a charging, management, and revenue distribution capability for services delivered over communication networks...

Scott Shaffer said...

Qpass is definitely one to keep an eye on.

I have featured them a couple times. They already have a partnership with NextCode and their customers are achieving great sucess with their Prosperity software .
Qpass shows m-commerce coming

Anonymous said...

Qpass is for billing -- it doesn't matter whether it's Bluetooth or over a network -- even locaton marketing servers like Jellingspot ( can use Qpass to charge people for content ... that's what, seemingly, Qpass is all about ...