Friday, September 30, 2005

MindMatics Launches "Nightwatch" Mobile Campaign

Movie trailers will nolonger exclusively belong on the big screen. MindMatics, a mobile marketingcompany, working in cooperation with 20th Century Fox, now makes it possibleto download to cell phones a preview of the new movie Night Watch weeksbefore the movie officially opens on September 29th.

The content is available at selected movie theaters to anyone with aBluetooth-enabled mobile device. In addition to the movie trailer, fourwallpapers and a ringtone are also included. The downloads are free andavailable for the duration of the movie promotion, lasting from September10th to October 11th.

1 comment:

Neil Hinrichsen said...

A bit off topic, but... NEW movie?

According to Amazon this movie first appeared in 1994, then was refilmed by the same director in 1998, and now...

Makes one believe in reincarnation!