Monday, September 12, 2005

Bango And PayPal Provide Mobile Commerce Platform

From Bango enables mobile users to pay with PayPal

Why Handango, and others still don't get it: users want to be able to pay by PayPal, without credit cards! Fortuantely Bango gets it...

Bango, the mobile content enabler, has announced today that it now provides mobile phone users with the ability to pay for mobile content using their PayPal accounts.

Bango has entered into an agreement with PayPal, to enable content owners to deliver low cost, direct-to-consumer mobile content, paid for using a PayPal account and one-click purchasing from Bango.

They register their phone with Bango and make purchases through Bango, with funds deducted from their PayPal accounts.

Why can't service providers (Sprint, Verizon etc) offer the same thing? Just bill to your mobile phone account

Isn't this doable?


Anonymous said...

I will state it again, one more time--YES, they can! But will they?

Scott Shaffer said...

They will, when they realize voice will soon be a commodity and they will have to offer other types of services to increase ARPU.