Thursday, September 15, 2005

What Happens When TV Gets Internet Access?

Just when you thought Internet advertising couldn't see any more hockey-stick like growth... I say you ain't seen nothing yet.

From the Broadband to rule the TV waves

TV delivered into living rooms over broadband connections will completely change TV as well as the internet as we know it, concludes a major report.

IPTV (internet protocol TV), as it is known, is a budding area that is exciting telecoms and media companies. TVs will be hooked up to set-top boxes which are in turn hooked up to the broadband pipe too.

Think of what has happened to news and advertising with the introduction of blogs. A simple blog has opened up numerous advertising opportunites for advertisers.

Will bloggers or people that don't have to answer to a network provide unbiased news and steal eyeballs from the ABC,CBS, NBC and FOX?

Now imagine what happens when every household has broadband and a video recording device.

Remember the movie and skit Waynes World? Soon bloggers and the average joe could have their own TV shows .

What happens to local TV advertising then?

Joey's grandparents across the country can watch his football game live thru the Net.

How will video-conferencing companies affected when you can hook up a videocam to the Net yourself?

Give a video recording device an IP address and Internet access and you just formed your own TV channel. Imagine the advertising opportunities that come with that.

I'll call it mobile web-cams for lack of a better word. The concept is easier to grasp that way.

So when you think Google's advertising can't grow any faster, I beg to differ. AdSense(cents) will be called AdDollars.

So when you think the boom in Internet advertising has started to slow down, drive a little further down the road and you'll see a bonanza of opportunities.

I will put out my Pondering Primate Possibilities for IPTV soon.

Comments thoughts?

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