Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mobvision Launches Mobile Content PUSH

From Phone Mobvision launch mobile content tool PUSH

The mobile content industry's first true push technology. PUSH gives Content Brands an unrivalled opportunity to reach their target audience by mobile.

I hope this isn't their best idea for mobile marketing.

Any Brand can use this turnkey solution to provide their users with up to date information, product reviews, news, a ticker, competitions, quizzes, voting, links to related wap sites, and the ability to purchase mobile content instantly; all in a highly visual and interactive way.

Is this like a private label browser?

MobVision spokesperson comments... "PUSH provides a major step forward in allowing brands to benefit from the astronomical growth of people using their mobile for information, purchasing, and fun..... If brands, mobile related or otherwise, are wondering how to tap into this new boom media [mobile], PUSH provides the perfect vehicle..."

If I understand this correctly, there's a couple obstacles to overcome. Why would I allow ONE brand to "control" my mobile screen AND how do I get the app on my phone?

What brands would I really want to get constant updates from? I could see a joint promo that involves a news feed AND brands.

"This hours headlines sponsored by Coke" FOX and Coke could co-promote this.

If there was a set platform that would allow ALL brands to direct their content, that would fly. I see this as borderline mobile spam

You can see all of the possibilities here .

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