Monday, September 12, 2005

Stocks Quotes Via SMS

QuoteMedia, Inc. a leading developer of financial applications and market data services, announced today the launch of the first stock quote text messaging service with complete coverage throughout the United States and Canada.

Users of the new Text Quote service can receive stock market data on virtually any cell phone, simply by text messaging stock symbols to the short code "QUOTE" (78683).

Users are charged $0.25 per text message on their monthly phone bill.

I don't see this taking off when you can get free quotes using 4INFO or Google's SMS service.

They don't mention of the quotes are real-time either, so I don't see what the advantage is.

What I did was set up a MyYahoo page, load all your stocks on it and access the page thru their WAP set-up. Yahoo even sends news alerts on selected stocks or industries to my phone. For random quotes though, I SMS 4INFO all the time.

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