Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Have A Coke And Ringtone, Song

From Moco News Coke-vending machines to sell mobile content

UK-based Inspired Broadcast Networks has signed a deal with Coca-Cola to distribute digital content from its soft drink vending machines…this is the first such deal and Europe. These machines will sell mobile phone top-ups, ringtones and music..

The content will be transferred to the purchaser’s phone through their mobile operator’s network, or may also be transferred directly to the phone using Bluetooth.

But can you pay for a can of Coke using the phone? That would a better application and create more sales imo.


John said...

I wrote about high-tech vending machines a while back based on this post by Vinnie Mirchandani at his blog, Deal Architect:

It seems like the Finns figured out how to pay for the vending machine coca-cola via their cell phone 8 years ago!

Interesting that the vending machine industry is ahead of the mobile industry when it comes to m-commerce....

John Sun
Mobile Analyst Watch

Eazy vend said...

Nice Vending machine looking like Robort. It’s Great idea to sell the Coke. Thanks.
Drinks Vending Machine