Tuesday, September 20, 2005

GetMeThere Offers Mobile Satellite Navigation

From WebitPr GetMeThere launches pay-as-you-go mobile satellite navigation

My first thoughts, "what happens to Garmin and others?" and the recurring revenues will be enormous for companies that provide location based services.

Imagine what happens when you combine mobile marketing with your location.

GetMeThere.co.uk, a joint venture between Toyota GB and IS Solutions Plc., today sees the launch of TARA Mobile SatNav the first Pay-as-you-go Satellite Navigation solution for mobile and smart phone users in the UK.

TARA Mobile SatNav’s features include;
– Full turn by turn navigation
– Maps that automatically zoom in and out as a junction approaches
– Voice commands spoken by TARA
– Hands free use whilst driving
– Continue the navigation when you leave the car
– Pay-as-you-go
– Traffic avoidance
– European road network coverage
– Up to date maps
– Nearest POI (Point of Interest)
– Full address search, house number and street
– 7 Digit Post Codes, i.e. TW16 7EF

It is no longer necessary to purchase expensive hardware or annual licences for your Satellite Navigation system, use TARA Mobile SatNav with a compatible mobile phone and a GPS receiver for an affordable solution


Anonymous said...


Great idea, but in order for it to really take off, they need to get rid of the necessity of having a GPS receiver in addition to the mobile phone to make their solution work. Why can't they get their software to work with just a GPS enabled cell phone? If not, when will it be possible? Definitely something else that would be nice to add to Life's remote control.

Also, why wouldn't a Vodaphone or a Verizon want to offer this service free to their customers by selling ads for local businesses near the final destination? For example: since you're in the area, are you interested in a place to eat? If so, what kind of food? Chinese? Italian? Mexican? Looking for a coffee? Here's the nearest Starbucks -- with a 30% off coupon -- or the nearest Dunkin Donut -- with a 1/2 off bagel with a large coffee.


No Name said...

I think they are trying to offer a term service. Pay for the service when you're traveling. They aren't looking at this from a recurring revenue model.

I agree. When the SP utilize the GPS function on the phone and advertisers tap into the ability to reach a consumer (after permission is granted) you will see location based services take off.

AOL has a "Find Me" service with Sprint that allows you to locate your AOL buddies using GPS.

If Google buys AOL they could launch location based services from this.

AOL sure hasn't found a way to keep subscribers. Google could implement VOIP with this AND offer "mobile ad-sense" on this for all searches.

A win-win-win any way I look at it.