Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Google To Buy AOL? Here's Why They Should

I think Google buying AOL makes more sense than Microsoft buying AOL.

From NetImperative Google could bid for AOL to scupper MSN search plans

Google is reportedly considering a bid for AOL in a move that could thwart Microsofts own plans to buy a stake in the Internet firm, according to an industry analyst.

The search giant already makes some $380m in revenue from a partnership with AOL to provide its search engine and advertising service on its portal.

Here's what I would do if I was Google and I bought AOL.

1. Convert all AOL email accounts to G-Mail. I hate having to log-in to AOL just to retrieve my email. AOL's email stinks when you compare it to Gmail's or ANYONE elses.

2. AOL IM..Turn it into a Google Talk app. That mobile application that AOL has on millions of phones could be a goldmine if the right company could leverage it. Think VOIP, Search, IM, SMS. The AOL IM app could be the search window for your mobile phone. Google HAS to get on the mobile in some way if they plan on dominating mobile search too.

In my opinion, mobile search/navigation will be tremendously larger in revenues than PC search. Google HAS to get on the phone. Why not start with 20m?

3.Google keeps the 11%? of revenues they generate from AOL, if MSFT doesn't buy them.

4. Keywords, RealNames.... For those that don't remember, RealNames was a service that allowed you to type in just a word in yoru browser and be directed to a specific site. ie Nike. THIS COULD BE THE APP that stops the potential onslaught of suits filed against Google (and other search engines) by trademark owners.

5. 24 million users at $29.95? per month gives Google $2b per quarter in subscription fees.

Why do you think Google should buy AOL?


db said...

Google/AOL marriage makes sense...how about GOOG using AOL as a gateway for GOOG to launch their huge wireless network product and getting an immediate network to lay it on??

By the way...I never sign onto AOL for my e-mail...I just go to aol.com as I also hate using the AOL interface. I actually rarely even use aol mail...prefer Yahoo! & G-Mail from GOOG.

Scott Shaffer said...

You're right on.

AOL could be the perfect platform to launch GoogleTalk.

Im thinking about those 20 million cell phones that can now be mobile search engines w/ the AOL IM.