Tuesday, September 13, 2005

SIRIUS On Sprint Official

From Mobile Tracker.com SIRIUS on Sprint officially announced

Sprint made a boo-boo here in my opinion. That don't have Howard Stern listed as channel. Howard Stern could launch some great mobile content ideas.

Sprint has officially launched SIRIUS Satellite Radio music channels across its multimedia phones. There are 20 commercial-free music channels, plus a channel devoted to exclusive artist interviews and performances. The channels include: Hip Hop/R&B, Rock and Country to Jazz, Blues, Broadway, Electronic and Dance.

Unlimited access to the service costs $6.95 per month. To sign-up, go to channel 23 in the Sprint Media Player. This is available only to phones that can handle media streaming.

I still think Howard Stern and some of his creativity could represent one of the quickest ways for mobile marketing adoption. I know his audience represents the best demographic for advertisers.


Larry said...

I understood a few months back that Active Shopper had signed up Howard as a key part of their marketing plan. Have not seemed to help them.

Scott Shaffer said...

Sirius radio and Active Shopper are completely different concepts.

Think of the mobile content Howard Stern could sell throught the mobile phone w/ SIRIUS. Ringtones, screensavers, fart tones?

The guy is masterful with the 18-35yr old audience.

How would Howard's influence leverage Active Shopper service?

This isn't Snapple where more bottles are sold.

Anonymous said...

More likely from HS are certain ringtone sounds....maybe from Sleepless in Seattle--Meg Ryan--then older woman says "I'll have what she's having!"....LOL. I don't want to be in church when that puppy sounds off!