Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mobile Marketing Taking Shape With Vodafone

From Mew Media Age Vodafone launches shortcode MMS

I think I see mobile marketing starting to take shape. Vodafone offering this speaks volumes. This is good, but it can be better when a direct connect feature is offered..soon

Brands and media companies will finally be able to build a branding campaign around a mobile shortcode number after Vodafone launched MMS shortcodes this week.

The move means a brand will be able to advertise the ability for consumers to both text or MMS, such as sending in photos and shortly videos, to a single five-digit number.

The lack of a single shortcode for both MMS and SMS has meant brands and media companies have to use up limited space on TV, print and outdoor media ads with two numbers.

This also means every other form of medium now becomes an interactive tool for the advertiser through the mobile.

"This means that companies can finally make a shortcode a real part of their brand offering - for example, 'Call us, text us, send us pictures on 81234'

Why not "click on our logo for more information"?

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Anonymous said...

Would be nice...especially by the end of next week...LOL!