Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Disney Makes Movie Posters Mobile"able"

Disney offers a smart way to merge the physical and electronic world for mobile marketing.

From DevXNews Who will control mobile entertiainment?

Disney Internet Group, on the other hand, is in a bit of a holding pattern while it waits for carriers to standardize, said Larry Shapiro, executive vice president of business development.

Within the next month or so, Disney will begin placing "shortcodes" next to the URLs on movie posters. Shortcodes work among all carriers as shortcuts to mobile content.

"Whether people know what to do with them, I don't know," Shapiro said, adding that the company's debate over whether to start advertising shortcodes sounded like the debate over whether to put URLs in movie posters in 1996. He predicted that shortcodes would be as understandable and widely used as URLs within a year

Smart. This will cost Disney nothing but they make every movie poster an interactive mobile marketing campaign. The next thing I see is Disney putting a 2d code on the movie poster to start an interactive mobile campaign.

"Click on the code to get a King Kong screensaver or ringtone".

Think of what they could do with the Into The Blue movie poster.

See how the transformation is taking shape?

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