Thursday, September 29, 2005

Upload Smartphone Pics With SplashBlog

There are other services that offer the ability to send cameraphone pics to a blog. Blogger makes it quite easy.

SplashBlog includes everything you need to share your photos, including software for your smartphone and a free online photoblog account at Just install the 30-day trial software on your smartphone, create your free account and start photoblogging!

Here's what I want. Is there a service/software program out there that allows anyone (without registering) to send a picture from ANY wireless service provider to a blog?

I have a great idea but can't find anyone that can provide this.

Send a camphone pic to an email address, the site strips the picture from the email and posts it on a blog. Include a comment in the subject if you want to.

Can anyone do this or know anyone that could?

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