Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mobile Marketing Adopting Mobot's Technology

Mobot, a physical world connection player, is finding their technology being adopted by the mobile marketing Light Agency.

From Broadcast Buyer Launch Of Computer Visual Recognition Using Mobile Camera Technology

Consumers simply use their mobile phone to take a picture of the advert and text it to a short number. In return they can receive a multitude of offers and content such as the ability to purchase tickets in response to a film poster, or a ringtone of a new single by photographing the CD packaging.

The programme, called SHOP SCAN SAVE, allows customers to text requests for money saving deals on specific products or brand names.

The best sentence in this story.

"The potential use of this system in the UK is staggering because of the penetration of camera-enabled phones into the UK mobile market, "commented Russ Gocht, CEO of Mobot

See how logos and images can be used as hyperlinks now?


Anonymous said...

The potential for this technology goes far beyond grocery stores and is staggering to think about.

Scott Shaffer said...

That is why I think you will find the next Google in my physical world connection companies list.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Van!

Mobot is so cool! Hope they tie the knot with Neom!