Tuesday, November 01, 2005

AskMeNow Launches SMS Service

AskMeNow launches their SMS service.

James at MocoNews is reporting that AskMeNow is out of beta

After registering at the site people have three ways to use the service — by calling 1-888-EZASKME (392-7563) and speaking their question through an interactive voice response prompt system, or by sending an SMS with their question to “ASKME” (27563), or by using an application to submit their question. That seems to cover all the bases…

Questions that use a template (weather, sports scores and things like that) are free to the user (AskMeNow generates revenue via “one-to-one advertising and sponsorship”) whereas more complex questions on the “AskMeAnything” service cost 49c.

These complex questions (such as “How was Ned Kelly captured?” or “What French restaurant is closest to the corner of 6th and 49th in New York City?”) are answered by AnswerAgents — which appear to be people with an internet connection and probably some other information sources.

I don't think we need ANOTHER SMS service for quotes, weather etc, but the complex question service is interesting. Do you find yourself needing answers to complex questions in a timely manner on your phone?

Then again, .49 is cheaper that a 411 call.

Here's a question for PP readers.
Which are you more likely to do regarding a "complex question" answer

1. Pay .49 for a complex question query
2. Calling 1-888-EZASKME for the answer
3. Type the keywords in Google's WAP site

I think the answer is obvious but tell me what you would do.


Anonymous said...

I will use google

Anonymous said...

If I knew that I'd have to pay fify cents even if the answer isn't satisfying, or inaccurate in fact or context, I doubt I'd use the service. I'd rely on Google and drill down as needed.

But if query technology/service ever gets near the "Ask Mr. Wizard" level of omniscience that we saw in the film AI, then it's another story, and fifty cents for a single, accurate answer is cheap IMO.


Anonymous said...

This is a great service, I'll use it whenever I need info on the run. Thanks for letting me know!

Mirz said...

I have a Blackberry and downloaded the app... tried it out and it worked great. They have 30 days free so what the hell... might as well right?

You'd actually be surprised how many times you're away from your comp and need a quick answer... especially when arguing with friends! I personally hate using mobile web browsers because it takes too damn long to find out what I need.

The answers were accurate and I was satisfied with the service. I'm still on the free trial but I'd pay the 49 cents especially considering I've been paying a lot more for 411. I'd bet that they will reduce the fee as they get more users.