Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Taggg Offers SMS Marketing

Add Taggg to the SMS player list. A great idea, but who pays for this advertising is in question.

From PR Web.com Captive launches TAGGG mobile network

The TAGGG Mobile Network facilitates one-to-one, brand-consumer relationships via text-messaging (mobile SMS – Short Mobile Service). It’s based on an opt-in approach where consumers participate to receive exclusive offers, event passes, prizes and local information from sponsoring partners.

Three ways to play Taggg.

1 - Text Hello to 82444 & qualify for instant prizes from our partners

2 - Look for a Taggg partner and text the keyword to 82444. (e.g. Text POWER to 82444)

3 - Use Taggg on Demand for instant coupons & information. Look for the Taggg keyword & text it to 82444. (e.g. Text PIZZA to 82444)

NOTE:Every Taggg message you send will be billed .50 on your mobile phone bill.

This is very similar to Qtags, but with Taggg the USER pays for the marketing. I don't know how effective this will be. Why would I pay for advertising?

With Qtags, the user sends a keyword to 78247 (QTAGS) and gets info sent to cell, email or their personalized site.

It is great to see SMS players getting more leverage from keywords in their mobile marketing campaign. Mobile marketing is coming...


Keith Bilous said...

Yes we do charge our users 50 cents (it’s 50 cents Canadian by the way so I think its like a nickel US) every time they either Taggg Us or one of our Taggg partners. This cost however usually (almost certainly) delivers value which far exceeds 50 cents. We have invited people to special movie screenings, concerts, free slurpees etc, all for the one time Taggg of 50 cents. To be honest, this has never been an issue for anyone using the Taggg Network in our markets we are currently in and as a matter of fact we have statistics that show when we moved from our non revenue code to a revenue code that there wasn’t a decrease in usage. It appears however, that I might need to do is a better job of explaining what the cost is for.

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